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Nu-Safe's Products are NFSI Certified for "High Traction"

Floor Safety Products


  • 1.) RED-X™ Anti Slip Floor Treatment

    1.) RED-X™ Anti Slip Floor Treatment
    RED-X™ is a biodegradable antislip floor treatment that features unique technology that can be applied by you and your staff to make hard tile and concrete floors less slippery when they are wet and contaminated. RED-X™ has been commercially used on over 9 million square feet of tile around the globe.
  • 2.) Friction®

    2.) Friction®
    Friction® cleaner and traction enhancer dramatically improves the coefficient of friction® on wood, marble, VCT, and finished floors. Friction® is the cost-effective way to improve safety and limit liability in non-kitchen environments. Friction® can be used in a walk behind scrubber, spray and buffed, mop bucket, or in the new aerosol spray can.
  • 3.) MainTain™

    3.) MainTain™
    MainTain deep cleans and reduces slips and falls on quarry tile, ceramic tile, concrete and other hard floor surfaces. It has been certified for slip resistance by NFSI for its ability to increase the coefficient of friction of floors, making work areas much safer when wet. It is NSF & USDA approved for use in food production areas.