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  Monday May 20 2019  

COF Testing Sample Tiles

If you want a specific tile or sample concrete tested,
we can perform these test below:

- ANSI B101.1 SCOF wet test (Neolite Sole)

- ANSI B101.3 DCOF wet test (SBR Rubber Sole)

- ANSI A137.1 wet test (SBR Rubber)

- Dry leather test.

The fee for each test
is $275.00, or all three can be performed for $450.00.

Please send 3 tiles requiring testing,
specifying which tests you are wanting performed
to this address:

Nu-Safe Floor Solutions, Inc.
Attention Monia Rowland
44 Cummings Drive
Walton, Kentucky 41094

What is the DCOF of your Floors?

Please contact us to do on-site COF testing or ship us a sample of your tiles and we will test them in our lab.

Contact us today to learn your Floor Safety options.