Nu-Safe making floors safer

  Monday May 20 2019  

NU-SAFE - The Experts in Making Floors Safer
       • Anti-Slip Treatments
       • High Traction Cleaning Products
       • COF testing on site or in our lab


Our mission at Nu-Safe is to assist clients in developing a comprehensive slip fall prevention program as well as adhering to current walkway standards.

Nu-Safe provides services ranging from certified floor auditing to complete floor safety programs with documentation. We offer proven floor treatment methods that raise slip resistance along with effective training of client in-house or outsource staff.

Nu-Safe can provide Slip Testing in line with current walkway standards, using the BOT 3000E Tribometer on most walkway surfaces for Property Managers, Risk Management, and Slip and Fall cases for Defense Legal teams. Having performed almost 2 million COF tests, Nu-Safe is the leader in this industry. Our test methods include: DCOF, SCOF, ANSI A137.1, ANSI B101.1, ANSI B101.3 and ANSI A326.3.

Nu-Safe Floor Treatments and High Traction Floor Cleaners enhance safety on vinyl flooring, quarry tile, ceramic tile, granite, marble, concrete, and other wet or dry hard surfaces. Nu-Safe performs Coefficient of Friction® tests after applying our floor treatment for proven documentation.

Do you have slippery floors? Please contact us to have a certified floor auditor answer any of your questions.

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Anti-Slip Treatment - Reduce Slip & Falls, Floor Safety Education
COF Evaluation - COF Testing, Coefficient of Friction
COF Tile Test - Lab Testing, On-site testing, sample tiles
Friction® NFSI Certified High Traction Cleaner, Anti-Slip Cleaner
Maintain NFSI Certified High Traction Cleaner, Degreaser
Red-x DIY Anti Slip Treatment
Tile Cleaner, Tile & Concrete Cleaner, High Traction Cleaner
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