Nu-Safe making floors safer

  Thursday July 20 2017  

NU-SAFE - The Experts in Making Floors Safer
       • Anti-Slip Treatments
       • High Traction Cleaning Products
       • COF testing on site or in our labs


The mission of Nu-Safe is to assist clients in developing a comprehensive slip fall prevention program.

Nu-Safe provides services ranging from floor safety consulting to complete turn-key, documented, floor safety programs. Proven floor treatment methods that raise slip resistance, combined with effective training of client in-house or outsource staff, are also available.

Nu-Safe can provide Slip Testing on any walkway surface for Defense Legal teams, Property Managers, Risk Managment, and Slip and Fall cases.  Having performed over 1.9 million COF tests, Nu-Safe is the leader in the industry of COF floor testing.

Nu-Safe programs enhance safety on vinyl flooring, quarry tile, ceramic tile, granite, marble, concrete, and other wet or dry hard surfaces.

"We make a difference!"

Friction® High Traction Cleaner, Non-Slip Cleaner, Anti-Slip Cleaner
Maintain High Traction Cleaner, Degreaser
Red-x DIY Anti Slip Treatment or Red-x DIY Anti Slip Coating
Tile Cleaner, Tile & Concrete Cleaner, High Traction Cleaner
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